1 6-April 2021 Monday New Session Starts 7:50 AM To 2:00 PM
2 14-April 2021 Wednesday Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar Jayanti ( Holiday)
3 21-April 2021 Wednesday Ram Navami ( Holiday)
4 27-April 2021 Sunday Mahavir Jayanti (Holiday)
5 1-May Saturday Introductory meeting for all, Fancy Dress Competition   (Class PG To II) (May Day Celebration)
6 8-May Saturday Mothers day celebration , Maths Marathon Class (VI To XII), Dogging (Class I To V,) Tri Cycle Rally (Class PG To II )
7 14-May Friday Eid
8 15-May Saturday Tie & Dye Competition (III To XII)
9 24 May to 29 May   Class Test
10 26-May Wednesday Holiday Budh Purnima
11 4-June Friday PTM (PG To IX & XI) Carrom & Kabaddi ( II To XII)  
12 5-June   Summer Break (PG To XII)
13 21-June Monday School Reopen (IX To XII) Timing 8 am to 11 am  
14 22-June Tuesday Training for pre primary classes start
15 24-June Thursday   Training Concludes
16 28-June Monday School Reopen (PG To VIII) Timings 7:50 am to 2 pm  
17 03. July Saturday Parents Orientation Programme P.G To V
18 10-July Saturday Rally on Save Environment
19 17-July Saturday Splash Party (PG To II) Mango Day, Nukkad Natak ( II to XII)
20 20-July Tuesday Special Assembly  
21 21-July Wednesday Bakrid
22 12 to 26 July   Unit Test -I ( PG to XII)
23 27-July Tuesday Election, English + Hindi Writing Competition PG To V
24 31-July Saturday PTM (PG To XII)     Art & Craft Exibition  
25 13-August Friday Collage Making Competition (Topic Independence Day) Class Presentation ( III to V)
26 15-August Sunday Independence Day Celebration, investiture ceremony
27 18-August Wednesday Special Assembly  
28 19-August Thursday   Muharram  
29 21-August Saturday Kavi Darbar, Rakhi Celebration
30 22-August Sunday Raksha bandhan
31 28-August Saturday Volley Ball Match (Class IX to XII), Class presentation (Class   VI to VIII) Fancy dress competition (Class PG to V), PTM
32 30-August Monday Janmashtami (Holiday)
33 1-Sep. to 14 sep   Unit II (PG to XII)
34 4-September Saturday Teacher's Day Celebration, Red Day (PG to II)
35 5-September Sunday Teacher's Day  
36 19-September Sunday Anant Chaturdashi
37 17-September Friday PTM & Badmintton + Chess Tournment, Class Presentation Class III To   V
38 20-September Monday Speech Competition ( III to VIII) Debate Competition ( IX to XII )
39 28-September Tuesday Chehallum
40 2-October Saturday Gandhi Jayanti
41 7-October Wednesday Maharaja Agrasen Jayanti
42 13 to 15 October wed to Fri Dussehra Holiday
43 18-October Monday Special Assembly  
44 19-October Tuesday Barawafat (Holiday)
45 21-October to 2 Nov     Half yearly exam (PG To XII)  
46 2-November Monday Diwali Celebration
47 3 to 6 November     Holidays Diwali
48 14-November saturday Children's day + Bal Mela
49 16-November Monday PTM & Class Presentation Class PG To II  
50 20-November Saturday Guru Nanak Jayanti (Holiday)
51 19-November Thursday   Group Singing (shabad) III to XII
52 24-November Tuesday Guru Teg Bahadur Jayanti (Holiday)
53 11-December Saturday Grand Parents Day ( PG To II) Salad making Competition (VI To XII) Card Making Competition (PG To V)
54 13 to 27 December     III Unit Test  
55 24-December Wednesday Christmas celebrations
56 25-December Friday Christmas (Holiday)
57 31 dec to 5 Jan   Winter Break (PG To XII )  
58 06-January 2022 Thursday   Classes reassum (IX to XII)
59 10-January Monday Classes reassum (PG to VIII)
60 14-January Thursday   Makar Sankranti
61 20-January Wednesday Guru Gobind Singh Jayanti
62 26-January Tuesday Republic Day celebration
63 28-January Friday Group Photograph
64 2 to 12 Feb   IV Unit test
65 5-Feb Saturday Basant Panchami Celebration
66 1-March Tuesday Holiday Maha Shivratri
67 2 to 12 March   Annual exams
68 18 to 21 March   Holidays Holi
69 22 to 26 March   Teacher's Training
70 28-March Monday Report Card Distribution  
71 4-April Monday New Session Starts